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Akin to last year, the 2nd Lab Asset & Facility Management in Pharma Europe had been strategically curated to address the pressing issues on everyone’s mind. Through a dynamic 3-day agenda that featured 18+ case studies, interactive roundtables, and engaging panel discussions, this summit provided a platform for attendees to both glean invaluable insights but also exchange wisdom with their colleagues.

This summit enabled attendees to overcome the challenges unique to the fragmented European landscape, empowering them to walk away with the strategies that enhanced their organisations flexibility and agility whether they were a pharma giant or an early starting biotech.

We recognised the unique and complex challenges that leaders in lab operations, lab asset management, engineering, and facility management encounter within the European biopharma sector. These challenges spanned the need for continuous, uninterrupted lab operations 24/7, efforts to achieve cost savings, negotiations with OEMs and maintenance partners, and the support for workplace innovations in a highly fragmented market.

As such, the summit had been in close collaboration with industry leaders to help attendees solve the pressing issues and supporting them to meet the OPEX and CAPEX goals of their R&D lab and equipment fleet in 2024.

Taking it one step beyond digital lab, this 3-day summit was designed to guide attendees in setting up their own framework and processes to:

  • Increased their lab equipment fleet flexibility and productivity through utilisation tracking and predictive maintenance to minimize downtime
  • Effectively implemented LIMS and inventory tracking to make the right equipment purchasing decisions
  • Reset their agreement with integrator and OEM for the most robust MRO SLAs
  • Reviewed their lab workplace design with flexible and innovative model, ready for scale-up and space optimisation

Whether they were a mid-sized biotech or large pharma, they walked away with equipped insights to increase agility and practical tips to design a ‘greener’ R&D lab and equipment with capital efficiency in mind.

Your 5 Unmissable Case Studies


Janssen shares how to increase asset reliability through implementing effective and predictive equipment maintenance strategies to ensure product quality consistency


Abcam divulges into lab design and configuration to elevate user experience with optimal lab space workflow, in turn to improve productivity and efficiency


Novartis reveals their lab equipment service agreements with OEMs to improve service, turnaround, and partnerships with their suppliers


AstraZeneca unveils how to leverage advanced lab informatics and align multiple data sources to improve R&D asset and facility management decision making, achieving capital efficiency


Roche Diagnostics delves into the “signature features” of the groundbreaking €250 million diagnostics LEAP building in Penzburg. Exploring topics including lab logistics, equipment, IT, sustainability and more

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