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Conference Day Two | 21st March 2024

8:30 am
Morning Networking Coffee

9:20 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Shaun Rhodes Director, Supplier Relationships - Scientific Services, AstraZeneca

Lab Asset Management & Maintenance Strategies for Uninterrupted Lab Operation

9:30 am Developing OEM Contract Relationships to Maximise Value

  • Shaun Rhodes Director, Supplier Relationships - Scientific Services, AstraZeneca


  • How to build long-lasting, dependable, value-adding relationships with OEMs
  • Understanding the risk associated with your equipment and when it is best suited to partner with OEMs
  • Leveraging relationships to create optimal maintenance programmes

10:00 am Maximising Research Potential: Innovative Approaches to Optimise Laboratory Equipment Fleet & Enhance Scientific Efficiency


  • Strategies for proactively managing and mitigating equipment backups to ensure uninterrupted research
  • Optimising equipment sharing in research settings to facilitate resource utilisation
  • Understanding the significance of work processes on laboratory equipment to ensure precise occupancy data for analysis is collected

10:30 am Evaluating the Targeting & Therapeutic Efficiency of Novel Radiopharmaceuticals through In Vivo Screening


  • Therapeutic isotopes are challenging to image in vivo and to evaluate through preclinical analytical instrumentation; equipment requires special features and robust calibration procedures
  • Dedicated in vivo screening equipment can provide complimentary and valuable data that enrich read-outs during standardized drug efficacy studies
  • The overall duration of a targeting study can be significantly reduced through such an in vivo screening protocol

10:40 am
Morning Coffee Break & Networking

11:10 am Panel Discussion: Maximising Workflow through Understanding Equipment Optimisation & Asset Availability


  • Understanding how to correctly maintain equipment to reduce risks
  • Reinforcing the importance of predicative equipment maintenance for lab assets to minimise downtime and compliance requirements
  • Understand the benefit of risk mitigation when implementing condition-based maintenance based on insights from data and analytics

11:45 am Optimising Facility Management Practices: Strategies for Cost Containment


  • Combat rising energy prices through adopting energy efficient laboratory adaptations
  • How to enhance facility services internally as opposed to outsourcing contracts
  • Does one solution fit for all different companies and sizes?
  • How to centralise and consolidate facility management spend

12:15 pm
Networking Lunch

Incorporating Sustainable Choices Across Asset & Facility Management to Minimise Costs

1:15 pm Driving Sustainability: Implementing Green Lab practices

  • Timmy Carey Global Director of Environmental Sustainability, BioMarin


  • Explore strategies for reducing energy consumption and waste minimisation
  • Understand how to reduce footprints without compromising research quality or safety
  • Develop better communication between labs regarding new equipment and new opportunities for cheaper more environmentally friendly options
  • Meeting net carbon zero initiatives and delivering cost-saving objectives

1:45 pm Roundtable Discussion: The Quest for Sustainability in R&D Labs

  • Lisbhit Janet England Global Procurement Category Manager R&D_ Laboratory Equipment and Maintenances, Novartis


  • Exploring asset sharing within a community network to increase capital efficiency.
  • Internal education and alignment on surplus asset management – second hand vs auctioning to get buy-in with sustainability and cost saving initiatives
  • Expanding asset lifecycle through robust maintenance strategy
  • Energy efficient equipment and facilities – how to incorporate this into your sourcing strategy

2:15 pm
Afternoon Networking Break

2:45 pm Realising Sustainable Measures When Upscaling Your Lab


  • Cost Savings: Discussing financial benefits, like reduced utility costs and incentives, resulting from sustainable practices
  • Environmental Impact: Showcasing reduced carbon footprint and waste figures
  • Employee Engagement: Sharing staff-driven sustainability initiatives that boost morale and productivity
  • Future Sustainability: Outlining upcoming projects and long-term goals for ongoing improvement and innovation

3:15 pm Discover & Action: Holistically Exploring LEAP – “Laboratory Excellence Accelerator Penzberg”


  • Exploring the “signature elements” of the groundbreaking 250 million euro diagnostics LEAP building in Penzburg
  • Considering quality and quantity of all spheres R&D employees experience in their working day: Space, Technology, Service & Working Culture
  • Methods and outcomes from collaboration to: Lab logistics, equipment, IT, Sustainability and smart building
  • 30-minute interactive audience discussion

4:00 pm Chairs Closing Remarks & End of Summit

  • Shaun Rhodes Director, Supplier Relationships - Scientific Services, AstraZeneca