Roundtable: The New Age of Digitisation vs Lab Informatics – From System Integration to Data Management

Time: 4:00 pm
day: Conference Day One


The emphasis of smart labs and lab informatics has given lab operations experts the visibility of asset utilisation, inventory, and procurement. However, integration of lab systems and extrapolating data insights to make more informed decisions and implement change have inevitably become more challenging, particularly for mid-sized biotechs.

This interactive roundtable discussion will equip you with new ideas and potential solutions to:

  • Evaluate your current lab systems requirements and how to map out process change
  • Improve the innerworkings of lab systems and infrastructure integration with your lab informatics and lab IT functions
  • Better handle data management and security, and the ability to draw insights from your data to improve asset management, inventory and operating models for operational excellence and capital efficiency

During this session, we will split the audience into 3 groups to evaluate how they currently work with lab systems & lab informatics team – their challenges and limitations, and come up with 1 tangible action point to feedback with the rest of the audience.